One of Malaysia's most beautiful memorial park, Nilai Memorial Park is situated just 30 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur. Surrounded by lush natural greenery, the Park successfully combines the best of oriental traditions and architecture with western planning and design. Set admist all this is a series of tastefully designed and crafted memorials and niche columbariums, which not only provide a serene final resting place for our departed loved ones but also others to pay their respects.

"Every person has the choice to a peaceful, tranquil and well-maintained setting as one's final resting place."

The late Dato Choo Ching Hwa, the founder of Nilai Memorial Park.

The Virtues of Filial Piety
We believe that filial piety is the truest form of gratitude, love and respect one can show to someone beloved. Believing in these virtues, we built Nilai Memorial Park to dedicate a place for individuals and future generations to pay respect to their departed loved ones.

For the living, we show our care and concern; for the deceased, we offer our respect and preserve their dignity.

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